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House Rules

Renown: Standard renown has been replaced with Renown Tokens

  • Tokens are turned in for rank advancement
  • See Ragabash renown chart for rank cost
  • 1/2 Token per session (no additional for story completion)
  • GM may decline award if party role is not played out (Philodox not acting as judge)


  • 5xp per game
  • 3xp per story (GM discretion based on content completed)
  • These numbers are higher based on frequency of games (more frequent game play would reduce)

Gnosis and Rage

  • These two may not be spent in the same round (unless an ability says otherwise)
  • Any other combination of Rage, Gnosis and Willpower may be spent in the same round

Fighting Blind

  • +3 Difficulty to attack as long as opponent can be heard or smelled
  • No blind fighting skill

Sea’s Soul

  • Garou are Gaia based and are not truly at home at Sea
  • Garou who enter the Umbra while in the ocean feel ill at ease at all times
  • Sea can force any Garou out of the Umbra at any point, frequently leaving them where they entered the Umbra

Main Page

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