Welcome to Thunder’s Revenge a campaign of swashbuckling werewolf adventure!

Outcasts from the Garou Nation rarely have the opportunity to succeed in this world of darkness, but aboard Thunder’s Revenge they thrive. Everyone comes to this mighty 18th century style man at war for different reasons, some even come of their own free will. Once they have proven their worth and accepted the ship’s charter all can expect a share in the booty and a voice to be heard.

Thunder’s Revenge isn’t all that it appears to be. The ship itself is a caern capable of traversing the gauntlet with the totem spirit of Grandfather Thunder himself. And many of the officers seem to keep a shared secret close to their chests — only sharing what they hope will not get the rest of the crew killed.

This is a new campaign and still under construction. Please forgive the mess while I get things in order. Take a look at the campaign’s wiki page. There is some more helpful info there.

Thunder's Revenge

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